Finding trusted builders

Carrying out building work can be quite stressful and disruptive as well as costly, that is why it is imperative to choose trusted builders who can competently carry out your building work. That is why we have put together some helpful advice to guide you along the way.

Finding a good builder

You should take the following simple steps:

  • Try to find referrals from people you know very well or relatives.
  • Contact the federation of Master Builders and look for registered builder in your area.
  • Try to get quotes from 2 or 3 builders and ask the necessary questions including whether or not planning permission is needed to carry out the work.
  • Ask the builders for references at least 2 or 3.
  • Always insist on a contractual agreement to be in place to cover the work as well as ensuring they carry out a  responsibility to issues such as wast management etc.
  • ask to see the builder’s public liability insurance certificate and as the building work may affect your home and contents insurance.

Deposits and payment

Deposits are usually only payable where specific or custom-made materials are required otherwise avoid paying deposits and work out an agreed schedule that suits both you and the builder carrying out the work.

Trust Mark Scheme

look for the Trust mark scheme logo where possible. This is a scheme backed by the government, ensuring that traders who sign up are fully qualified to do building work and also provides a complaints procedure.