Free Word Press Themes

WordPress is arguably one of the most preferred Content Management System for hosting a website. The platform comes with a lot of free WordPress themes so that users with little or no programming knowledge can expand their business.

If you’ve recently searched the term “WordPress Free Themes” on any of your favorite browsers, you will be surprised to know that there are more than 5000+ selections available in different categories. The most authentic source to find a free WordPress theme is the official portal. The only problem is that it is really hard to find the best product under such conditions. This is why we have scraped the top WordPress free themes available on the internet and passed them through various constraints to provide you with a list of our top selection.

This includes categories that follow the multipurpose approach include a shop, blog, portfolio, online store, business, magazines, travel sites, etc.

Free WordPress Theme – Top Selection Procedure

Before we dive into the actual content, we would like to list out how we made our list, and why you need to understand them. As previously mentioned, we have scraped the best WordPress themes available for the multipurpose approach. Some of these themes are just too sweet for us to pass, still, there were tiny it’s and bits that we’ve considered to exclude them whatsoever.

  • Fast Speed: Each of the themes is tested with famous web testing tools like Google speed test and Pingdom to provide a category list. All of these themes offer the lowest loading speed, less bandwidth, and friendly speed.
  • Multipurpose: You can use different templates in the theme to make a website suitable for your need. Each theme offers 20+ categories for you to try.
  • Support: Mostly a free product doesn’t receive a lot of back-end support. We have carefully subtracted the results, that provide the maximum outcome if you need any assistance. You can contact the designated theme customer support, they will timely assist you.
  • Convenient Design: Each of the templates offers state of the art design for you to create a visually attractive website.
  • Additional Resources: On top of being a free theme WordPress, they also come in a variety of different free resources. This includes free templates, plugins, shortcodes, and much more.