This treatment is not only very relaxing, but also reduces side effects such as back pain and edema.

Pregnancy massage in London is not only beneficial for mothers, but also for unborn children. This can help the mother emotionally and physically with big physical changes. Massage during pregnancy can also help the mother prepare her body for childbirth.

Pregnancy can be a good time for a woman, but all systems in the body are affected. This procedure puts pressure on the joints, ligaments and organs and causes discomfort and pain.

Pregnancy can also be a stressful time for mothers for various reasons. Massage helps deal with stress because it has a calming effect. Regular massage during pregnancy can make the mother aware of her body and relax outside of treatment.

Anti-pregnancy massage is safe because it is slow and gentle and treats customers with extreme care. However, as an additional treatment, it is not an alternative to conventional prenatal care. Full consultation is done before massage. You can only massage if I think I can do it safely.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

Pregnancy massage has many advantages: it stimulates blood circulation and facilitates the supply of essential nutrients and fluids to all important organs of the body, including the placenta.

Massage during pregnancy reduces tension in the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, lower back, and hips. It helps with varicose veins and delay stool. Pregnancy massage promotes the release of oxytocin, a pain-relieving hormone that reduces life-saving pain during labor and at birth.

Our pregnancy massage in London works holistically with mothers and helps create a sense of well-being. Massage will help reduce the emotional stress and stress felt by a mother during this phase of change.

The purpose of pregnancy massage is to induce deep relaxation and improve the quality of mother’s sleep. It has been reported that women who sleep well in the last month of pregnancy have lower weight. Massage during pregnancy can be an important support for clients and their health professionals, such as general practitioners or midwives.