The SALAMI PRODUCTION course isn’t just an additional food preparation class, where you find out about the useful and theoretical elements of breaking down an animal. Here we research the priceless meat cuts and exactly how to turn these right into Prosciutto, Pancetta, and Capocollo , olive oil tours in tuscany .


The SALAMI-MAKING course allows you learn all the essentials of salami-making art and also produce two varieties of Italian genuine Salami from the get go.

With over several years of market experience and also making 2 genuine Italian Salami ranges from the beginning the salami cooking classes are perfect knowing alternatives for newbie and expert chefs too.

Here specialists share the essential understanding with their enthusiasm for making genuine Italian salami while talking about all things meat, best flavoring, and also treating art. All students take home a mature-aged version of what they produced in course for appreciating at your house.

December 2014 –


* The minimum class dimension is suggested for accommodating 1.5-meter distancing
* Complies with strict hygiene procedures
* Class credit history to people who are not good enough for going to
* Much less teamwork with a lot of readily available specific tasks


* Tie back extensive hairs
* Put on Closed-toe footwear (ladies should avoid 6 inches heels).
* Show up early before time to make certain that course begins as set up (there are a lot of course contents!).
* Conserve the setting and brings container for leftovers.


Day 1: Curing the Prosciutto, Pancetta, and also Capocollo.

On the initial day, you are shown regarding the priceless and tender meat cuts and also just how you’ll turn these right into Capocollo, Pancetta, and Prosciutto. You’ll learn about:.

* Exactly how to divide a pig.
* Choosing the ideal animals; skeletal assessment.
* Selecting sausage as well as salami cuts. Selecting, blending, as well as trimming the appropriate fat suggested for both.
* Exactly how to heal Capocollo, Pancetta as well as Prosciutto.
* A remarkable culture experience, these workshops have actually been aimed at newbies and newbie markers or the ones wishing to obtain excellent abilities.

Day 2: How to Make Salami.

The genuine SALAMI-MAKING course educates hands-on salami-making art. Right here you learn about the art of creating fresh Italian sausages, treated meats, as well as salami through standard Italian methods, techniques with various other old-time dishes.

Much like there are a great deal of Italian areas, numerous Salami kinds are likewise there. Here you’ll discover how to reduce the meat up as well as convert it into a take-home conventional Salami Sausage. After the day’s course is over, students come to be certain enough for making their home salami.

Besides regular salami preparation courses, these are likewise remarkable social experiences, all these workshops are meant for newbie salami pens and also novices who wish to polish their salami-making skills.

Professional cooks at SALAMI PRODUCTION course are passionate concerning sharing their understanding. Year wide, the meat space represents different classes so it becomes very easy for you as well as your pals to understand and also find out essential salami-making abilities in Italian style. After joining any of the classes, you likewise learn about whatever you wish to find out about butchering or sausage production. These classes are additionally fine for synergy building occasions or various other group bookings. It’s ideal to publication early as the seats are usually promptly occupied , olive oil course .