When you think of having personalised playing cards as gifts, one awesome idea would be to have WWE wrestlers play the cards. The king would certainly be the king of kings himself, Triple H. He may not be an active wrestler right now but it would be hard to lose track of the number of times he has won the world heavyweight championship. For the Queen, you got Charlotte Flair who is the daughter of the Nature Boy. Charlotte has beaten the best ladies in the WWE which is why she has taken a bit of a time off for the moment. She has held the NXT, Raw, and Smackdown Women’s titles numerous times. It is amazing how good of a wrestler she is and she is highly seen by the WWE as someone who can carry the load of the business for years to come. She debuted during the Women’s Revolution storyline that also saw Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch go to the main roster. Right now, Becky Lynch is pregnant with her and Seth Rollins’ first child. It could not have come at a better time as she was forced to relinquish her title. What matters is the baby will be born the right way.

The Ace is obviously the boss, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. He is the creator of all the characters you see in WWE from the Undertaker to The Rock. He created them all and made the WWE such a worldwide phenomenon. The Joker would most likely be R Truth who has held the 24/7 title for over 28 times. When he is around, you know there is going to be comedy gold. He is pretty good at making people laugh. There was one time he entered the royal rumble and thought that it was a ladder match. It was still nice to look at and everyone got a good kick out of it. The rest of the cards would certainly depend on how you view the rest of the roster. The New Day would be the first in mind since they have held the tag titles for over 6 times. Kofi Kingston has held all the singles titles except for the Universal title. He is pretty deserve of it since he is a fantastic professional wrestler. What’s more, Big E is finally getting his shot to be in the spotlight where he belongs. There is no doubt he would want to stay there for a long time.

The 12 would most likely go to Randy Orton as he has held the world title for that exact number of times. Event at 40 years old, he is only looking to get better and better. Of course, it would be better to have the Miz and John Morrison to have another one of the numbered cards. They are a pretty entertaining duo as they will always be featured on whatever show they are in. Also, you have to give a slot to Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.