Fantastic Services in Chippenham is a cleaning company specialising in a variety of cleaning services, such as one-off, window and oven cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, gardening and jetwash, antiviral sanitisation and many more. The professional cleaners are fully-equipped and trained to handle any job, use family-friendly detergents and would be happy to adjust according to your individual needs.

Phones, chats and online booking forms are available 24/7, including bank holidays. Get in touch and schedule your service the way it’s most convenient for you. Additionally, you can take advantage of exclusive deals and discounts on all services offered in Chippenham, by asking about the Fantastic Club Membership. Find more information on the company website.


End of tenancy cleaning
With a 48-hour guarantee, this cleaning service is suitable for both tenants and landlords. It is not an hourly-based service, hence the team will stay as long as needed in order to clean every corner of the property. Deep oven cleaning is also included in the price.

One-off cleaning
For spring cleaning and other one-time deep cleaning needs, get in touch with the expert cleaners from Fantastic Services. The experts are insured and vetted to provide the service tailored to your needs.

After builders cleaning
Get rid of the dust and dirt after completing your renovation project with the help of cleaning experts. The after builders cleaning is performed with special detergents in order to ensure a healthy environment in your home.

Oven & BBQ cleaning
The service includes disassembly, deep oven cleaning & dip tank for parts. BBQ cleaning can be used for all types of grills – gas, charcoal, smokers, spit roasters, or hooded grills.

Carpet cleaning
Clean carpets are an essential part of a healthy home environment. Depending on the fibre we offer two methods of cleaning – hot water extraction and dry cleaning, provided by certified and fully insured technicians.

Upholstery cleaning
Remove all stains, dirt, odours, & even dust mites with our professional mattress & upholstery cleaning from Fantastic Services. Hot water and dry cleaning methods will be used depending on the fibre of the furniture.

Window & conservatory cleaning
Window cleaning is done with a water-fed pole system and purified water only. Technicians are certified by the Federation of Window Cleaners.

Antiviral sanitisation
Specialist sanitisation services with BS EN 1276 CERTIFIED antiviral solutions that kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. It’s suitable for domestic and commercial properties. The treatment is provided by technicians with protective gear and it’s safe for children and pets.

Gardening services
A team of two experienced gardeners will perform the service at a suitable date and time, and will collect and dispose of up to 180l of green waste for free. Contact-less service is available only for front gardens.

Pressure washing services provided with high-end equipment delivering fast and flawless results. This service is suitable for decking & patio cleaning, driveway and pavement cleaning, fence and garden furniture cleaning, balcony cleaning, roofs and walls cleaning.

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