The MEZZABARBA TRINITY contributes to being the all-valve 100-watt amp head which includes lots of gains and also MIDI control. Additionally, it shows off 3 different channels. In addition to this, it offers the complete range of different extraordinary tones, which can be availed from Mezzabarba , smp guitars .


Founded in 1998, Mezzabarba is considered the recommendation points for various rockers in Europe, Italy, as well as various other parts of the world. Handcrafted in the country of Italy, these items stand out of the ordinary in specifying the newer amp individuality. It supplies the modern feeling, which is believed to be the globally split between me-too amps and also sector leaders.

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The Trinity adds to being the 100-watt amp as well as real three-channel. It provides power via EL34 power tubes. It is furnished with seven different 12AX7 preamp tubes, which forms the tone of the 3 networks and tube buffered impacts loophole. The transformer of the amp plays an indispensable function in keeping the amp heartbeat entirely Italian.


The MEZZABABA TRINITY includes three different networks. Channel 1 is taken into consideration to be the prerequisite balance in between MZero and also Z Collection. Also, it consists of total definition as well as creates the genuine as well as clear tidy tone. It is understood for the luster and warmth.

In addition to this, it includes a plethora of harmonic overtones. The boost of the Trinity is mosting likely to engage you with the British and also American sophisticated problem as well as a variety of vibrant lot.

Network 2 sticks out of the average in providing eruptive characteristics. Such type of network will certainly range from the certain bitey light distortion to the harmonic-enriched crisis. So, you will certainly have the hot-rodded and harsh tone, which will maintain the increase involved.

Channel 3 functions defined, hotness, and also bassiness. It includes saturated and fluid distortions, which get leaked in the harmonics. This channel includes increase switches which are an appropriate option for both unique expression. One voicing is for the fullest and best Solo components, whereas the other one is for the Rhythm interpretation. Channel 3 stands apart of the average in providing distortion bliss.


Mezzabarba Trinity includes 2 different variations, such as the 6LC version and EL34 variation. The 6L variation uses a balanced as well as extra edgy tone, which is considered the suitable option for Metal, Modern Rock, and also 30 various rows. It is hefty and strong. Likewise, it is believed to be an appropriate opportunity for the songs of various designs.

If you are a gamer searching for an ultra-defined, ultra-dynamic, super flexible and modern amplifier, you ought to go with it without providing it a doubt.

The EL34 is another worth mentioning version of MEZZABARBA TRINITY which stands unrivaled in supplying a fiery as well as raw tone. It causes a hostile and mid concentrated tone. It is taken into consideration to be an outstanding selection for Hard Rock, Classic Rock as well as Metal.

Made in Italy, it is geared up with a myriad of control, which supplies an aiding hand in keeping you busy for an extended period. Additionally, you can enjoy crystal clear, clean and modern-day sound as you select the Trinity , tom anderson guitars .