Indeed the Quran is the book for the guidance of Mankind. When we talk about the Quran’s teaching it has a vast perspective for everything in this world from the beginning of the world till the Day of Judgment. That is why every religion and every human can take advantage of Allah’s book which is revealed on Hazrat Muhammad SAW. His life was a true example of how Allah wants us to live in this evanescent world with all goodness and fair deeds to make life beautiful on this earth.

Not only Muslims from all over the world but the people from different communities and religions also believe in learning and reading this Holy book. Similarly, the Muslims from shia and sunni sect both struggle hard to learn the Quran.

So there are many opportunities to learn Quran online nowadays. Mumineen from Shia sect can also have shia teachers as per their belief and teachings are available in online Quran classes on authentic websites like Online Quran Academy. They encourage young ones and adults both to learn the Quran step by step in easy ways. Starting that process with the reading of:

Noorani Qaida Which is the most vital and significant step for the beginner for learning the Quran