JG Construction provides the best loft conversion services in Essex, UK. We are the leading loft conversion specialist specialising in all major types of loft conversion and renovation services. Our loft conversion service is designed for any type of house including traditional, contemporary, and modern buildings. 

We work with the finest workmanship and offer the best value for money for any loft conversion projects. Whether you want Hip to gable loft conversion, Dormer loft conversion, Hip to gable and rear dormer loft conversion, Mansard loft conversion, L-shaped dormer loft conversion, Skylight loft conversion or any other, our construction specialists can layout the initial design following the building codes and make sure it does not reduce the overall space your house has. Moreover, our loft conversion services elevate the appeal, broaden spaces, and ensure the houses’s resale value gets higher. Contact us to get a free quote today.