Jazz call packages are fairly popular in Pakistan, because of their affordable rates and quality voice services. Voice calling is the key to any Telecom company. If it’s good, it will prove to be a success. Jazz is famous explicitly for its affordable call packages in Pakistan.

The company has installed more than 13,000 towers around the country to offer unparalleled audio quality. This is why Jazz is being loved by millions of Pakistanis.

Just like its voice quality, the company offers a wide range of call packages. Each one of these is designed to meet the requirement of certain people. The packages are affordable and work on both Off-Net and On-Net calls. Below is a list of complete jazz call packages ranging from single bundles to more exciting deals.

How to Subscribe to Jazz Call Packages?

You can subscribe to the associated Jazz call package by entering the subscription code. Below NewsBox provided a comprehensive table, with easy to subscribe to packages, names, details, and both activation and deactivation codes.

Jazz Daily Call Packages:

Jazz daily call packages are designed to meet the requirement of people that use calling from time to time. All of these packages are subjected to last 1 day. Standard charges may apply if you exceed the limit. Also, if your day to day usage includes more calling then subscribe to weekly or monthly packages.

Terms and Condition

  • All packages are subject to change
  • A withholding tax of 12.5% is applied on all recharge
  • Service charges of 5% apply on usage in Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and Baluchistan
  • 15 Paisa/call will apply on every Jazz call packages

Additional Information

You can unsubscribe each of the Jazz call packages from downloading the Jazz app. The app is available on the Play Store and App Store. Also, most people complained that their balance fades away every day because of these packages. It is better that you use a Jazz monthly card. This includes all the taxes and tariff status.