Proofreaders are usually associated with publishing houses. They check the work done by the editorial team. The proofreaders find out all the grammatical errors and punctuation in a document. However, proofreading is also an essential part of the Italian Transcription. The work may be different, but the proofreader plays a similar role in the Italian Transcription Services.

Proofreaders are usually part of the QA team in transcription services. They work at various levels to ensure zero error in the final Transcription. Many Professional Italian Transcription Services hire proofreaders to ensure that they deliver 100% accuracy in the translations.
On the other hand, the transcriptionist always listens and type at the same time. It leaves room for mistakes and errors. In such cases, the proofreader acts as the second set of eyes for the Online Italian transcription Services. They make sure to maintain the highest level of accuracy in a translated document.