Rodgis is a local family business based in the United Kingdom, who’s passion is all about nutritional food, baking, making handcrafted delights, and supporting the local community. We get inspired to use the best that the United Kingdom has to offer when it comes to using local produce. We also source some other our nest products like our cured meats from the best suppliers within Europe for our famous charcuterie boards. We make the most of our local products available, from the fresh local milled our to us freshly grounding spices and herbs for our cured meats. We are a proud artisan community, where we stand tall with our desire and passion of food making. Being an artist, we always encourage innovative creation to develop our Rodgis kitchen menu. At Rodgis, we create many products ranging from succulent olives to eggs, from fresh antipasti to our handcrafted breads. Great taste comes with the nest ingredients. We make sure that all Rodgis’s products get produced with the highest quality, and with the nest natural ingredients without compromise. What makes us different from the rest of our closest competitors is our product gets produced with our family recipes. These past down recipes are what makes Rodgis’s handcrafted products one of a kind, and that you can’t nd elsewhere. Our unconditional love for food, and the outstanding response from our customers, inspire us every day. Our loyal and satised customers is what Report: About us Report was generated on Thursday, Oct 29, 2020, 11:31 AM Page 4 of 4 motivates us to create more innovative and creative ideas for future Rodgis products. Our unconditional love for food and the outstanding response from our customers inspire us every day. We have a simple desire to give others the best and freshest food. We use innovative ingredients and always strive to create products that have the best standard, appearance, and nutritional qualities as mainstream products without compromising on taste. Finally, our loyal base food lovers inspire us every day to invent near impossible food creations. They also help us deliver great taste to new and old customers. We locate at: Block G arch 1, Paulet Road, London, Greater London SE5 9HW UK. Call us: 02082579807