Salesforce Einstein AI will increase the lead conversion ratio. It can predict the chance of converting the particular lead. It will suggest the best possible way of email communication with the client. Salesforce Einstein AI can suggest which article and replies can resolve service cases.

A complete personalized experience for buyer is possible now. Einstein AI with the help of purchasing data, browser history can tell which channel, content, product, the message will impress the buyer. It can also suggest a time of interaction with the buyer.
Einstein AI can actually research all data whether available in Salesforce or outside of it. And can tell why a certain product fails and why others performed well. Einstein AI provides next strategy to employees of the organization. Based on the intents, interests, or past behaviours of customer it suggests tailor-made offer.
Einstein AI can actually automate the workflow. It helps in reducing manual entries of data by directly capturing critical info like contact info, email, calendar events etc. It resolves issues at a faster pace with less agent intervention.
Complete Customization of Salesforce Einstein training’s course content is possible for Individual student and for Corporate. Certification tips from Industry best expert will be added advantage with our Online Salesforce Einstein analytics training. For more information do connect us.

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