Silverpoint was a timeshare contract hotel chain which declared personal bankruptcy on January 15, 2020. A multitude of financiers and others had spent a big amount of their cash in the timeshare, because they were promised that they might re-sell the timeshare later at a higher cost as well as make a substantial revenue. When Silverpoint stated its personal bankruptcy, lots of capitalists believed that they had shed all their money. Nevertheless, in spite of the silverpoint timeshare liquidation, investors that have actually spent cash can recuperate a few of their investment utilizing the lawful arrangements like the consumer credit act with our help.


Silverpoint had several hotels in Tenerife which were popular like

– Hand coastline

– Beverly hills club

– Beverly hills elevations

– Hollywood Mirage

– Club paradiso


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The Silverpoint investors were guaranteed that they can re-sell their timeshares at a massive revenue. Silverpoint was exceptionally hostile in offering its timeshares to the financiers, welcoming them to 8 hour presentations, in which the sales individuals assured outstanding go back to those that attended. The high pressure sales methods negatively affected the reasoning of the capitalists, leading to flawed choice making and several of the capitalists have spent a huge part of their cost savings while share So when the Silverpoint timeshare insolvency was declared, it detrimentally affected the financial resources of the capitalists because they can not make use of or offer the moment share.

Making a case

Nonetheless, the Silverpoint investors can attempt to recover a component or whole amount which they have invested making use of the provisions of the 1974 non-mortgage consumer debt act. TimeshareFinanceClaims helps the capitalists recuperate the cash which they have bought timeshares. We work on a no win, no fee basis, to ensure that the capitalists do not have to pay us anything ahead of time for making the case. To make the claim the capitalist needs to give some info like

– amount bought the moment share

– The variety of years for which he has the timeshare (at least ten years).

– number of years for which he has actually already paid the annual maintenance fees which are being billed.

After we obtain the information of the claim we will speak to the timeshare court cases capitalist to obtain even more details of the financial investment. In many cases, he might have just invested when, or in other cases, he has actually invested money repeatedly. So based upon the details we get we will certainly settle the strategy for recovering the cash spent. Sometimes, we will certainly call for some additional information from the capitalist like details of his repayment to Silverpoint, any documents which he has actually received from Silverpoint acknowledging that he has actually invested the amount.

Financiers must know that they can recover a few of the settlement which is made with Barclay’s Partner Finance under the provision of the 1974 act. There are numerous arrangements using which the finance firm can be held liable. The repayments for the timeshare which are made with bank card can also be recouped by the capitalist. We will give different options for recouping the money to the Silverpoint financier, and attempt the very best alternative first.